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Activities that have been implemented

Activities that have been implemented


Implementing the advertising campaign of the Independent High Electoral Commission in Contract no. 28\2008 and signed in 16\12\2008 For produces four video and audio scenes and broadcasted it in 20 radio stations and 25 satellite channels of the provincial council elections on 31 January 2009.. Produce and broadcast on (22) Iraqi and Arab satellite channels educational campaign and awareness of the Iraqi Youth Parliament. Produce, design, broadcast, publish and print bill-boards for the campaign to delete zeros and change currency. Last Activities Had Al jabal Company Had performed a lot of activities related in Media and producing in local, Arabic and international Channels, broadcast and news papers.


Governmental institutions


1.     Ministry of Education With all related departments.

2.     Ministry of Trading                 

          a.    The general company of trading cars and machines

          b.    The general company of Construction materials

          c.    The general company of seeds.

          d.    The general company of food trading

          e.    The general company of seeds producing

          f.       The general company super markets and malls

          h. the general company for Exhibitions and commercial services of Iraq.

3.     Ministry of social affairs and works.

4.     Ministry of health ( KEMADIA Company)

5.    The general Consult of Ministries / ministry of marsh

6.     High independent consult of election.

7.     Ministry of external.

8.     The Ministry of Construction and Housing / Public Authority for Housing.

9.     The Youth and Sports Ministry and all its directorates.

10.   The Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works, and all directorates.

11.    Basra province.


non-governmental organizations


1.    Awareness campaigns sponsored by U.s. Agency for International Development for the benefit of Iraqi Governmental institutions.

2.    Awareness campaigns sponsored by World Health Organization for the benefit of Iraqi Governmental institutions.

3.    Awareness campaigns sponsored by UNICEF for the benefit of Iraqi Governmental institutions.

4.    Naba’a Zamzam & Al Maqased company ( Hyundai ) car trading

5.    Iraq trading Bank (TBI) and privet banks ( Dijla, Furat ,Al Shimal and Al Warka'a banks )

6.    Media Sat for advertising and media Lebanon .

7.    Produce and broadcast education politic advertising.

8.    Contract with USA College to produce and advertising Cense to courage the Iraqi Peoples to vote.

9.    Produce and broadcast advertising Cense  For Al Wafeer Company Airlines the Saudi international transporter and coverage more than 15 Iraqi And Arabic Channels in Baghdad International Airport.

10.    Publication of advertisements and articles on the newspapers concerned with (anti-terrorism) under the auspices of the U.S. embassy

11.    Service contract  for media production services  by DANISH REFUGEE COUNCIL

12.    Advertisement for UNHCR

13.   amplement ad. campaigns for International samrt card (Qi Card)

14.   ad. campaign for International Organization of Migration (IOM)



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